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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 21:09 Female NY 84° F 5K
SO HOT! Not a very good run for me, but got it done!
2 24:31 Female FL 84° F 5K
3 24:56 Female US 90° F 5K
hot hot hot!
4 25:12 Female Brooklyn, NY 76° F 5K
Had a great time running the 5k with my running buddy this morning!
5 25:45 Female Sewaren , NJ 79° F 5K
Fastest 5k since injury. First sub-8 mile of 2016.
6 25:53 Female US 70° F 5K
Finally getting a little speed back as the humidity goes down! Go Oiselle East Coast!!!
7 26:36 Female 5K
8 27:44 Female US 5K
9 27:44 Male Delran, NJ 5K
10 ⭐️ 4 28:00 Female Washington , DC
11 28:05 Female MI 5K
12 28:54 Female Hollidaysburg, PA 85° F 5K
Great run in State College for the Oiselle PA crew!
13 29:35 Female Cambridge, MA 5K
14 30:00 Female US 90° F 5K
This was part of a longer run with Oiselle PA team. It was great running with my teammates and I completed my goal of running a 5K each month over the summer.
15 ⭐️ 2 30:18 Female US 93° F 5K
Oiselle PA Bird Meet Up in State College!
16 31:07 Female 81° F 5K
SO hot! It was actually a 4 mile run with the first 5K being for the Challenge Dash!
17 31:53 Female Greenville, SC 92° F 5K
26 Weeks Preggo and got this race done in less than 32 minutes! Oh and it was really hot out!
18 36:46 Female Brooklyn, NY 5K
19 45:28 Female New Fairfield , CT 10K
20 ⭐️ 2 46:27 Female Flourtown, PA 79° F 10K
The Philly 10k doubled as a challenge dash 10k!!! very hott and humid but a fun race
21 46:28 Female Reston, VA 76° F 10K
22 51:00 Female Buffalo, NY 10K
23 52:13 Female Inverness, MT 65° F 10K
24 ⭐️ 3 52:54 Female Peabody , MA 75° F 10K
75 degrees (with 90% humidity!!!), but overall was a great run! 2 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo. Did a 1 mile cool down as well, so ended up with 7 miles total :)
25 53:52 Female 75° F 10K
Treadmill Run!
26 56:29 Female Westbrook , ME 10K
ran early before our annual memorial golf tournament, then finished up the 10k distance chasing golf balls on the course (didnt have time to finish the full 10k distance before we left. so fun!
27 ⭐️ 3 56:30 Female Amherst, NH 65° F 10K
Gorgeous morning run in a small town! We ran on pavement and dirt and even saw a hot air balloon!
28 56:31 Female 10K
29 59:13 Female Pittsburgh, PA 75° F 10K
Completed with my daughters in the double jogging stroller!
30 59:48 Female point pleasant beach , NJ 10K
ran as part of 15 miler...on hills while on vacation in vermont😊
31 1:00:08 Female NJ 81° F 10K
First half of an almost 13 mi run!
32 1:03:07 Female Bronx, NY 10K
33 ⭐️ 2 1:07:00 Female US 10K
Part of a 9 mile training run I had to knock out on the treadmill bc it was just way too hot and humid out. Great event! Kept me motivated!
34 1:09:33 Female Spring Mills, PA 85° F 10K
Had to do 14 for my long run for the week so I used the first 6 miles for the Challenge Dash - lots of technical single-track trails and I loved it!!
35 1:21:25 Female US 72° F 10K
I ran a 9 mile long run and the 10k is a portion of it.
36 1:26:22 Female 70° F 10K
37 🏆 13 1:51:46 Female Orlando, FL 86° F 10K
This was a fast paced walk. I walked with 2 other members of my run club. 2 of us are just coming back from injuries. We walked in Orlando , Florida. The Lake Nona Area. We started out in the dark. Watched the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning out there. The sunshine and a nice breeze blowing through the palm trees does a body good. Food for the soul.

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